Have a New Phone?

Changing phones can be a complicated process
We have you covered
We transfer all your info and make sure your new phone has the latest security updates
$99 per device pick up & drop off 24 hour turn around
or $49 per hour for home visit

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Can I Set up my Devices Myself?

If your new to technology its strongly recommended that you don't try to do it yourself
I've seen it countless of times people try to do the transfer themselves and lose all their photos & data in the process
To make sure all your photos & important data are safe please book an appointment with us
Setting up a new device can use up to 4GBs of data a lot of people receive large phone bills when they don't use the proper internet connection

Why are Updates Important?

Updates fix security issues with your device

All work preformed on devices will be recorded and given to the client afterwards

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