Why you should have your devices serviced?

if you haven't had your devices serviced in a while you could be at risk of losing your all photos
You could be at risk of virus
Your devices could be give you strange error messages
Your devices could be running out of space and not working correctly
Your devices might not be compatible with some apps or website

What we include in a service?

We make sure your photos are backed up & safe
We make sure your devices are updated to the latest Apple/ Microsoft/ Google standards
We clean up space on your devices
We scan for virus and potential problems
We make sure your devices can talk to each correctly
We make sure your devices are organized to be as easy to use as possible
We make sure your passwords are working

How often do you need your devices serviced?

We recommend you have your devices serviced at least every 3 months
Every 3 months seems to be the time computer & internet companies update their devices & services if your device miss updates it might not work correctly

How long does it take for a service?

Depending on the condition of your devices it could take 1-3 hours to complete a service 

For Your Convenience

We can pick up your devices from your house and have then back to you by the next morning

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