Android :

Android is a mobile operating system that is owned by Google that runs on phones, tablets and some laptops.

It is commonly used by Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, HTC. 

Android device commonly come with apps (Mobile programs)  like Play Store (Online store for digital content EG: music, movies, games, books) , Play Music (music player), Play Books (program for reading Ebooks) and Google Now (Google's virtual assistant software) 

Android is a open system which means if you are a advanced user you can redesign the devices look and feel. 

The newest version of Android is version 4.4 KatKit, the most common version is version 4.1 jelly bean. 

If you are looking to buy a new Android device don't buy anything lower then version 4.0 Ice cream sandwich.  


iOS is the mobile operating system on Apple Devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

The main benefit over Android that, it is a lot easier to transfer your digital content from your computer such as music, movies, photos.  

If you are new to computers and phones, apples devices are recommended but they are the most expensive. 

Apple Device commonly come with apps like App Store (Apples online store for programs and games), iTunes store (Apples online store for digital content such as music, movies, books) and the most impressive program is apple virtual assistant software called Siri. 

The newest version of Apples system is iOS 7 and is available on most Apple mobile devices that come out after 2010.  

Blu-Ray Disc:

Blu-Ray disc is the new version of DVD, it's provides up to 5X higher picture quality, it is strongly recommended if you have a TV bigger then 42" that you use Blu ray movies instead of DVDs.


HDMI is the new connection that is used by TVs, it replaces the standard AV cables ( yellow, white and red) it provides up to 5X  Higher picture quality, if you have a TV that is less then 8 years old and have a Blu ray player, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, you should be using HDMI cables rather then AV cables.







AuthorBrenton Chevin