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Course starts 1/12/2019

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What You Will Learn 

The course is split up into 6 sections

Section 1
Phone Basics
Section 2
Sharing Photos
Section 3
Backing up your Phone
Section 4
Maintaining your iPhone
Section 5
How To Use Social Media
Section 6
Watching Movies and TV shows

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course cover my phone?

This course is designed to cover the following brands: Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google and Nokia
Due to the nature of android every phone is unique, we try to make course suite every phone
If the course doesn't match your phone please let us know

How does this course work?

You will receive a small lesson everyday in your emails with a video demonstration & step by step guide 

Do i need a computer to do this course?

No any device that can receive email is suitable
but a computer, laptop or tablet is recommended

Do i need to download any apps to do this course?

No you only need access to your email app or email website